15 Things That Make You Want to Dig a Hole and Live in it Forever

We all have those days, moments when everything you do just happens to somehow unravel into this monstrosity of embarrassing events. These are a few that occur unnaturally often for me:

1. When someone waves at you so you wave back, only to find out that they were in fact waving to the person standing directly behind you.

2. Spitting in someone’s face when you are talking, and so you become engrossed in this dilemma of whether or not you tell the person that you have spat in their eye or pretend nothing happened for the sake of your friendship.

3. Forgetting a name of the person you have been talking to and not knowing if you should ask them again.

4. Similarly to no.3, when you have been taking to someone for the first time for longer than half an hour, having first introduced yourself, then when saying your goodbyes the other person pronounces your name wrong. By the time you reach a decision to correct them, they are gone.

5. When the toilet does something weird at a friends house and you begin to have a mini panic attack.

6. Mistaking a fat lady for a pregnant lady, especially on the tube.

7. Bitching about someone and having them listening in on your conversation for a solid minute.

8. Farting in an elevator just before a group of people come in, and then one of them commenting on the stench.

9. Just being in an elevator.

10. Realising you don’t have enough money to pay when you’re at the cashier with a very long queue behind you. *slowly begins to die*

11. Having a bogey you aren’t aware until someone tells you at the end of the day.

12. Telling something to a group of people, thinking that they didn’t hear you so you repeat it again, only to realise that they totally heard you the first time.

13. Getting caught talking to yourself and you end up in a staring contest with the other person for a couple of seconds.

14. Getting song lyrics wrong when everyone else is belting out the tune around you.

15. Thinking you were going to do a silent fart, but it turns out that it was a loud one and everyone turns to you. This one especially applies in assembly.

Do you have any more embarrassing stories/ ideas? If you do I would love to know! Please comment…

Best wishes,



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