How To Deal with Patronizing People

There are many ways to deal with people who are regularly patronizing, and, to be honest, most of how I deal with these types of people is to ignore them; however I have decided to give some constructive advice (which you may or may not actually follow)

1. Ask them to repeat what they just said. When you do this it can confirm the tone of their previous comment and can suggest what the meaning was behind it. Repetition can also be a way of determining what your next plan of action is.

2. Deal with them as if you were in their shoes. If you have completely misunderstood their comment, just leave it be. Let it fester in your mind.

3. However if it sounds like they meant it try to not take it literally. Attempting to not be irritated (however hard it may be) is essentially the best advice I can give, and is the only one that won’t result in aggravation.

However, if you have tried to brush it off and it has failed, these few may come in handy.

  • Just spit it back at him/her. If they want to treat you like a four year old, treat them like a three year old. There is nothing better than being sassy. Remember: the more savage you are the better.
  •  Sarcasm always works. Try it.
  • Laugh in their face; make them feel awful. This one is slightly harsh and it is probably the most risky and offensive. So I would suggest that you use this one with caution.
  • If you don’t know them, glare. Stare them down like there’s no tomorrow.
  • If all else fails; ignore that person. In my opinion I have no time for people who emit negative vibes because it just really aggravates me and makes me negative too. So my immediate reaction would be to avoid the person as much as possible. However, this isn’t a long term solution (unless you explicitly know that they live elsewhere, in which case nothing’s stopping you) so try to use the others.

Now some of these aren’t ideal, but they are useful nonetheless. Remember to be cruel but kind, and only result to the harsher one for enemies and people that genuinely make you internally and externally scream.

Best wishes,



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