How to Deal with Idiots

Here is some guidance;

  • *deep breathe*
  • Count to ten
  • Remember: “patience is a virtue”
  • Believe in yourself – you can push through this woman
  • Sarcasm is your greatest weapon
  • You can also patronise
  • Use posh, elaborate words to confuse them even more
  • Don’t waste time trying to explain yourself to a bumbling imbecile, they probably won’t understand and will try to (wrongly) undermine you. *You don’t need acceptance from small fools.
  • Walk away
  • Laugh
  • Voice record them to show all of your friends and family
  • Or video tape them and post it on Facebook or Twitter to really get your point of view across (and to let them know that they are stupid)
  • You could tutor them *lol nah
  • Respect their ignorance and unintelligible opinions, however, secretly mock them.
  • Send them back to school
  • Ignore them
  • Sassy comebacks
  • Bitchy comebacks
  • Treat for anger
  • Buy a stress ball, put it in your pocket and use it
  • If you’re going in for the punch – take boxing classes beforehand. We don’t want your precious fingers breaking
  • Don’t take what they say too personally
  • Offer them a trip to the library where they might actually read/learn/gain a few brain cells
  • Grab a friend to join the conversation – then leave it to him/her to sort out
  • Or just avoid them

I hope this helps for the next time you encounter a “mutation”


Best wishes,




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