15 Things That I Have Learnt This School Year

  1. Individuality is important – that you should strive to be the perfect you, not the perfect replica of Megan next door.
  2. Stand up for your beliefs not anyone else’s – find out what view is before you start chanting other people’s (yes including your parents)
  3. And act on them – please practice what you preach; there is no one worse than a hypocrite. Don’t be the person that posts the quotes, be the person who makes them up.
  4. Address situations before they deteriorate – no one wants an infected wound, believe me. (Your doctor will also be pissed) (Don’t piss off your doctor)
  5. Ignore negative comments -whether they are posted underneath  a photo on social media, a video on YouTube, or said to your face; just block it out (unless you have a pretty awesome clap back in which case damn girl use it.
  6. Do what you love – I love eating and I’m happy being fat. (Insulation innit.)
  7. Value those who love you – they are probably going to be there for the long run whether you like it or not, so I guess you have to stick it out for a couple more years.
  8. Trust – don’t abuse it and take it for granted; it can ruin any type of relationship.
  9. To contain myself when in the presence of certain individuals – bite your cheek Sofia, don’t say what you want to say. However petty you are, however tempting it might be to whip out the screenshots – keep cool and collected.
  10. Don’t plagiarise – apparently it’s illegal and you can get in massive trouble. That’s what my teacher said when she handed back my history controlled assessment… (Just kidding I’m a nerd I would never)
  11. Your future is yours, no one else’s – it’s up to you to devise a life plan and follow it through – however stressful that is.
  12. Don’t do drugs kids – don’t be that person, don’t be that idiot.
  13. Also don’t steal – especially your aggressive little sister’s belongings, she doesn’t like it. #pray4sofia
  14. Smile through the shitty music that people like and play really loudly – it’s fine; in three minutes it will all be over. (At least they aren’t playing Adam Sandler films.)
  15. Dance how you like to dance, and sing like you can – screw it.

Thanks for reading this, I still don’t know what I’m doing, hence the inconsistency of my post uploads. I’m working on it.

Best wishes,



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