You’re Savage Diagnosis 

Just a bit of banter amirite?

Symptoms are as follows;

  • You comeback better than Hilary Clinton in the presidential debates
  • The people in school are afraid of you
  • Including teachers
  • You spend your maths lessons in the back of class, thinking about your next insult
  • People either love you or hate you
  • What comes out of your mouth is controversial 
  • However you know what the boundaries are
  • You secretly hate everyone 
  • People think that what you say is a joke…
  • You have joy in reading the comment sections on YouTube and Instagram
  • You give as well as you take
  • If you could create a new Facebook account just to post salty comments underneath everyone’s statuses you would
  • Twitter gives you life
  • Donald Trump’s quotes give you life 
  • Your words can be taken both ways
  • Sensitive people “strongly dislike” you or aren’t on your level
  • Your Instagram captions are low-key incredibly shady
  • Some people don’t understand you 
  • You are constantly saying “sorry” or “only joking”
  • You have left people in tears
  • You give zero-fu**s
  • When you were little you were alsways told off for “speaking back”
  • You’re surprised that you still have friends
  • School is a salty battlefield 
  • You have definitely sub-tweeted in real life
  • Confrontation is not difficult
  • And you especially enjoy calling out that person face-to-face when they deserve it, or have done something to a friend
  • You are loyal
  • You live for the bants
  • You are not afraid to call yourself a savage

If you have more than half of these symptoms, it is with pleasure that I diagnose you with being a savage, the personality trait that makes people run, hide and cry.


  • Let it all out honey, let it all out

Best wishes,



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