Things I Have Failed at This Week Even Though It’s Wednesday 

  • Functioning properly
  • Sleeping for the recommended number of hours a teenager should
  • Revising for mocks
  • Remembering where I put the present I bought for my secret santa 2 hours after it arrived
  • Arriving at school 5 minutes before registration
  • Blogging
  • Writing my articles for the school magazine
  • Reading more
  • Eating healthily
  • Speaking with other people
  • Buying Christmas presents for people
  • Making funny jokes that people other than me laugh at
  • I have almost definitely failed my end of topic Physics test
  • Getting to chapter 2 of The Catcher in the Rye, as I always start it at 23:00
  • Caring about the way my eyebrows look
  • Caring about the way my fringe looks (I’m so done btw)
  • Posting photos on Instagram that I won’t delete
  • Preventing myself from watching Gilmore Girls
  • Starting things and actually finishing them
  • Hiding my pure hatred of certain people
  • Choosing my A-levels
  • Drinking less caffeine
  • Checking my emails
  • Waving at people even though they weren’t looking at me


Hey guys,

This was supposed to be uploaded on the 7th December. Two weeks ago.

And yes, I know, this is incomplete; I just wanted to enlighten you with a prime example of my failure. After all, this post is all about how crap I am at doing other crap.

So, just imagine a messy-haired, could-pass-as-a-drug-addict  15 year old girl who needs to go to bed, and has under eye circles bigger and more long lasting than the Tesco bags for life; but is up at 2:00am writing a pretty average blog post that probably won’t even generate a smirk. Yes. That; the image you are envisioning, is me. Little non-drug addict me. Congrats.

And as you wonder why you even clicked on this unfinished post, I do the same, but asks myself why I even considered publishing it.

Sorry and see you on Friday.


Best wishes,


ps. mock exams can duck themselves



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