Funky, Fake and Fairly Standard FAQs

It’s been a year since I have started this pretty average blog, and so I have gathered all the FAQs mentioned or shoved down my throat over the past 12 months and answered them for you :)))

What is this?

A blog.

I think.


Who are you?

A fifteen-year-old girl, although you should know this considering you have read the ‘About Me’ page. I mean, you have read it. Haven’t you?


When do you post?

Usually on Fridays, but this changes depending on whether I have successfully procrastinated writing an article or not.

But usually on Fridays.


Why did you start blogging?

For the free stuff.

Only joking. What free stuff?


You’re so relatable omg!

That is not a question.


Do you have the social media?



What are your social media accounts?



Who did you really base your fake boyfriend on?

I won’t ever tell you

Although, I suppose you can email me if you are really that concerned. I am sure a 4am me would be more than happy to tell you the real story.


Do you take blog post requests?

Yes, but I may or may not decide to write about your desired topic if I feel like it’s too personal, gross etc.


How do I follow you?

If you look me up on Facebook, search for me and find out where I live; you’re probably on the right lines.

But if you mean on WordPress, you can sign up via email or by WordPress account if you want to get annoying pings every few months.

Or you can find me on Twitter and get my updates (plus added extra plus plus bonus funny stuff)


Do you have children?



Are you single?



Do you actually look like you are on drugs?

Well now that mocks are over, the look has somewhat progressed to a more recovering-alcoholic kinda vibe. It’s going well. 2 days clean.


Favourite quote?

“Grab her by the pus-” (only joking) (#pray4america)

It’s probably these fine words by Henry Fielding

– ‘love and scandals are the best sweeteners of tea’


Did you make up most of these questions?

Well, thanks for making it awkward.


Have a great week :)))


Best wishes,


twitter – @sofiamackeith
insta – @sofiamackeith



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