How are you? I hope you are doing well.

Right now it is 01:36, which means that I will probably have 6 hours sleep. Fantastic. It also means that I will have to write this post relatively quickly, considering what my under-eye circles will look like tomorrow morning.

I just wanted to catch-up with you, seeing as I haven’t posted a decent blog post in almost a month.

2/2 – It was my 16th birthday! (ie no more blue peter card perks)

5/2 – I went out with Anya and Amelia; splurging on books and looking at art for a few hours. It was lovelllyyy.

10-18/2 – Spent about a week holidaying with my family in the Caribbean, which was super hot and incredible. *I must add that I half wrote what would’ve been an incredibly humorous post, however I never completed it. So that may pop up in a few weeks time I guess.

1/3 – My brother, Alex, took me to see a comedian called Lolly Adefope in Soho. She was very funny and I would totally recommend her to anyone.

2/3 – It was my Mum’s birthday! (ie eating a much cake as humanly possible)

4-5/3 – Friends came down from Leeds and we took them to a Point-to-Point near Oxford. Summary: It rained a lot, I didn’t win anything, and I ate a really nice ice cream.

So I guess writing out my social events like that makes it look like I have done shit-all, which is what I suppose I have done.

Please be patient for the blog posts; right now I am half writing crap posts and hitting blocks that I can’t seem to get past. So I know I say this whenever I haven’t posted anything in a while – but I am sorry and I will try to get back to posting content regularly. (I know that the Jan Playlist was a bit of a cop out).

Speak to you soon; hopefully next week.


Best wishes,







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