Body Goals?

For many, summer is the best time of the year: no school, eating mountains of ice cream every day, and an excuse to spam everyone with tonnes of holiday photos on Instagram and Facebook.

However, I think for everyone, summer also marks the overwhelming insecurity that plagues holidays and trips to the beach.

I would say that everyone, even those who confidently share photos of them posing on the beach feel self-conscious at this time of the year, even if their Instagram indicates otherwise.

Personally, I always hated summer. I hated the beads of sweat that would run down my legs, and the overbearing heat pounding on my body. I hated the idea of showing everyone my figure when I wasn't stick-thin, and when I was also the colour of the snow.

I often have memories of being about 13 and wanting to cover up my legs for fear of being judged by people my age; so I would wear board shorts (that gave me horrible camel-toe) and I would look even worse than I would have done if I went without them.

I also remember the violent scrubbing of Bio-Oil when I was aged 10, trying to get rid of the purple stretch marks that wrapped around me; thinking that I was the only one in the world, apart from pregnant women, to have them.

You see, winter is always unproblematic. You can wear whatever you want to wear without baking, and you can cover up the parts of your body you feel self-conscious about without looking like a wannabe nun.

The thing is, during the rest of the year, I don't mind how people perceive my body: I don't really care enough about my appearance to fake tan every week and to wear makeup everyday (even though I probably should). And I don't care enough to start eating salads instead of hamburgers.

But when summer comes around, all of this suddenly matters. The visibility of your stretch marks (which I think are really cool) and cellulite becomes an issue. The colour of your skin needs to be changed. Your thighs needs to be parted. Why should we care? Why do we strive to look like a goddess when the majority of us look perfect the way we are?

I guess society and the media have a role in it, but ultimately it's the pressure that we put on ourselves that leaves us with the different perceptions of our "body goals".

In many ways, yes, the way a model looks in a bikini is "body goals", but why is her body "goals", when you could look in the mirror and see the same confidence and happiness without the 5am workouts and the diet? Honestly, I think that having a healthy body is "goals", even if materially most people would say that it's not.

So I would say that we should all just chill out a bit, and and realise there is more to life than worrying about what preteens and middle aged women think about you, and whether or not you seem 'buff' to whoever you are attracted to.

Embrace your cellulite and stretch marks, or whatever flaws you think that you have. After all, it's going to be winter soon and it's not often you can dance around in a bikini 24/7 when it's 13 degrees.

Hope you enjoyed another one of my deep blog posts.

And I hope you're having fun wherever you are in the world.

Best wishes,



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