About Me

Rather than this be a 25 questions tag, I think both you and I would prefer a more formal, boring, informative piece of writing delving into my deepest thoughts and feelings. Not. I mean I could, but I won’t. I just don’t think that I am a very interesting person. So this post is dedicated to all of the things that I cannot do.

Things I say I can do, but cannot:

1. Sing. I can’t sing- I sound like a fog horn even when I am trying!

2. I can’t dance either.

3. I’m not good at juggling, I mean who is?

4. Compliment someone without cringing straight afterwards. “I love your jumper” *crawls into a ball*

5. Compliment someone without sounding sarcastic.

6. I cannot make my face look nice, so I just tend to leave it, which usually means that I make a few babies cry. Sorry.

7. Interact with people unless someone- usually my parents- force me to.

8. I probably can’t solve a rubix cube in under 2 mins. So I should probably stop telling people that I can.

9. In that case, I should probably stop telling people that I can do the splits.

10. Laugh without sounding fake.

11. Smile without looking fake.

12. I cannot be less cool even if I tried.

13. I cannot dress myself without looking like I have gone through a mid life crisis. I have not by the way. I am 1/3 of the way until I begin to rip out my hair and ponder the meaning of my life.

14. Pretend to like someone.

15. Please don’t make me flirt. EVER. Not unless you want me to make some sort of rude comment followed by a somewhat awkward and embarrassing montage of hand gestures and frantic noises.

16. Sleep at school. I have tried, and failed.

17. Revise without procrastinating for about five hours beforehand.

18. I cannot make any form of art. I’m no Monet, believe me.

19. I would say I’m not the best at lying.

20. Make my bed according to my mother.

21. Sip drinks- this one is 100% fact.

22. Make more than 2 friends (anymore is too much of a commitment)

23. I don’t share other people’s food; feel free to take mine, just don’t make me drink from the straw you have been slithering your saliva on for the past ten minutes.

24. I cannot play the drums, or guitar, or trombone, or pretty much any other instrument except from the flute.

25. Tanning is a definite no no. Pale skin + sun = hide in your room forever.

Hope this helped to get to know me better,

Best wishes,