Body Goals?

For many, summer is the best time of the year: no school, eating mountains of ice cream every day, and an excuse to spam everyone with tonnes of holiday photos on Instagram and Facebook.

However, I think for everyone, summer also marks the overwhelming insecurity that plagues holidays and trips to the beach.

I would say that everyone, even those who confidently share photos of them posing on the beach feel self-conscious at this time of the year, even if their Instagram indicates otherwise.

Personally, I always hated summer. I hated the beads of sweat that would run down my legs, and the overbearing heat pounding on my body. I hated the idea of showing everyone my figure when I wasn't stick-thin, and when I was also the colour of the snow.

I often have memories of being about 13 and wanting to cover up my legs for fear of being judged by people my age; so I would wear board shorts (that gave me horrible camel-toe) and I would look even worse than I would have done if I went without them.

I also remember the violent scrubbing of Bio-Oil when I was aged 10, trying to get rid of the purple stretch marks that wrapped around me; thinking that I was the only one in the world, apart from pregnant women, to have them.

You see, winter is always unproblematic. You can wear whatever you want to wear without baking, and you can cover up the parts of your body you feel self-conscious about without looking like a wannabe nun.

The thing is, during the rest of the year, I don't mind how people perceive my body: I don't really care enough about my appearance to fake tan every week and to wear makeup everyday (even though I probably should). And I don't care enough to start eating salads instead of hamburgers.

But when summer comes around, all of this suddenly matters. The visibility of your stretch marks (which I think are really cool) and cellulite becomes an issue. The colour of your skin needs to be changed. Your thighs needs to be parted. Why should we care? Why do we strive to look like a goddess when the majority of us look perfect the way we are?

I guess society and the media have a role in it, but ultimately it's the pressure that we put on ourselves that leaves us with the different perceptions of our "body goals".

In many ways, yes, the way a model looks in a bikini is "body goals", but why is her body "goals", when you could look in the mirror and see the same confidence and happiness without the 5am workouts and the diet? Honestly, I think that having a healthy body is "goals", even if materially most people would say that it's not.

So I would say that we should all just chill out a bit, and and realise there is more to life than worrying about what preteens and middle aged women think about you, and whether or not you seem 'buff' to whoever you are attracted to.

Embrace your cellulite and stretch marks, or whatever flaws you think that you have. After all, it's going to be winter soon and it's not often you can dance around in a bikini 24/7 when it's 13 degrees.

Hope you enjoyed another one of my deep blog posts.

And I hope you're having fun wherever you are in the world.

Best wishes,



Fitting In

Life is about fitting in; as soon as you come into this world your life is shaped to fit the mould that your parents created. In many ways, adapting the way you speak and act in particular environments is natural.

Whenever someone is mixed with others, they will try to alter their personality to make communication easier: every 14 year old is going to behave differently when they are summoned to interact with adults, and every adult is going to change their demeanour (and language) in front of small children. It's perfectly acceptable.

Some people will enhance themselves in social situations, others will pretend to be someone completely different. The difference is: altering yourself in a way that you appear to be someone else is unnatural, and it is considered by many to be normal.

As a teenager, I can only comment on the way in which people my age behave around me, and even though I am pretty unobservant, I notice the change in personalities way too often.

I know that everyone changes when they are speaking to another group of people; they are perhaps louder or more shy; it's natural. However this is not the case when someone changes so often that the people around them can't differentiate between their personalities, let alone that person him/ herself.

Often it is easy to mix in with the wrong crowd, and to make friends with people who are worlds away from the real you; resulting in behavioural changes that can become permanent for months and even years. These can be good changes, but in a lot of circumstances the changes that occur are ones that completely alter that person into someone they aren't.

These negative changes are a problem because if you don't recognise them then you become a person you can't identify with, and you adapt to your new environment in a way that if it changes, or the people around you change, then you are left in a state where you can't recognise the real you. This is not a situation that you want to be in.

Or, the other issue with this is, that when you realise that you have altered your behaviour, you think that it is too late to revert into that person you understand, and to be with the friends you know are real and like you for you. Because, ultimately, being you is the most important thing you can be, even if you think that who you are will not be liked or treasured by others. Being you and being liked by people who won't take you for you, or want you to be someone else, is not important, and you should not bow down to those who believe different.

Being true to yourself is paramount in being happy; so don't unnaturally change yourself to become someone you can't recognise, because that will ultimately lead to regret, and also to fakery.

I hope that this post wasn't too deep, and that it may have helped someone who needed it.

See you soon!


Best Wishes,




How are you? I hope you are doing well.

Right now it is 01:36, which means that I will probably have 6 hours sleep. Fantastic. It also means that I will have to write this post relatively quickly, considering what my under-eye circles will look like tomorrow morning.

I just wanted to catch-up with you, seeing as I haven’t posted a decent blog post in almost a month.

2/2 – It was my 16th birthday! (ie no more blue peter card perks)

5/2 – I went out with Anya and Amelia; splurging on books and looking at art for a few hours. It was lovelllyyy.

10-18/2 – Spent about a week holidaying with my family in the Caribbean, which was super hot and incredible. *I must add that I half wrote what would’ve been an incredibly humorous post, however I never completed it. So that may pop up in a few weeks time I guess.

1/3 – My brother, Alex, took me to see a comedian called Lolly Adefope in Soho. She was very funny and I would totally recommend her to anyone.

2/3 – It was my Mum’s birthday! (ie eating a much cake as humanly possible)

4-5/3 – Friends came down from Leeds and we took them to a Point-to-Point near Oxford. Summary: It rained a lot, I didn’t win anything, and I ate a really nice ice cream.

So I guess writing out my social events like that makes it look like I have done shit-all, which is what I suppose I have done.

Please be patient for the blog posts; right now I am half writing crap posts and hitting blocks that I can’t seem to get past. So I know I say this whenever I haven’t posted anything in a while – but I am sorry and I will try to get back to posting content regularly. (I know that the Jan Playlist was a bit of a cop out).

Speak to you soon; hopefully next week.


Best wishes,






Music Playlist – Jan 2017

Giving recommendations is one of my least favourite activities; it gives me crippling anxiety.

And I know that it’s almost March, so sorry about the *very* long delay.


  1. Girls And Boys In Love – The Rumble Strips
  2. Hurts Like Heaven – Coldplay
  3. Celeste – Ezra Vine
  4. Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club
  5. There She Goes – The La’s
  6. Simple As This – Jake Bugg
  7. Mess Is Mine – Vance Joy
  8. Lover Come Back – City and Colour
  9. Love Like This – Kodaline
  10. The City – The 1975
  11. Bad Decisions – Two Door Cinema Club
  12. Scars – James Bay
  13. Love Is On The Radio – McFly
  14. Heroes – David Bowie (i know it’s pretentious af i said don’t judge)
  15. Fickle Game – Amber Run
  16. Brand New Moves – Hey Violet
  17. Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheerio
  18. What You Don’t Do – Lianne La Havas
  19. Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet
  20. Talk Too Much – COIN
  21. Want to Be with You – Niko and the Touch
  22. YOUTH – Troye Sivan
  23. Unpredictable – 5sos (this one’s for 13 year old me)
  24. Guys My Age – Hey Violet
  25. UGH! – The 1975
  26. I Miss You – blink-182
  27. HEAVEN – Troye Sivan
  28. Mr. Brightside – The Killers
  29. Anna Sun – WALK THE MOON
  30. ILYSB – LANY
  31. Cool Blue – The Japanese House


check out this playlist:


I hope that you had a lovely couple few weeks.


Best wishes,


sixteen things for sixteen

Sixteen things that I want to achieve in the next year of my life on Earth.


  • I want to develop a more effective way of saving money.

Also in this bracket: stop buying books that I won’t (realistically) get around to reading.

  • I want to make more cringy, nostalgic things.

This one is a bit ‘meh’; I know that I  will instantly fail this. Although, this said, I have actually started creating Spotify playlists filled with my favourite songs that I have enjoyed each month. Hopefully I can keep this up and share a few of these with you in monthly favourites posts. *how beauty blogger of me

  • I want to have a decent set of GCSE results.

 Basically my aim is to not be able to spell FUDGE with my grades.

  • Although I did say that I needed to stop buying books, I do want to read more of the ones that fill my bookcase and draws in my bedroom, just to get rid of the space tbh.

and also: reading.

  • I want to stop hating/ gossiping.

Because this soul needs a good cleanse (with Tesco’s Finest bleach, as it’s the only thing to clear the damage done by doing nasty teenage girl crap).

  • I want to eat whatever I want and not feel guilty about it.

Up to a point, of course.

  • I want to get to bed before 00:00.

I mean, quite frankly, my sleeping schedule is incredibly irregular, and my *very late* bedtimes are getting out of hand.

  • I want to be able to experience events and situations without the need to put it on social media.

I am already disciplined in this field, I don’t have a great urge to snapchat my breakfast and religious quotes that I have found on the internet. This said, I feel as though I need to become less dependent on social media, and I want to be able to live in the moment as much as possible.

  • I want to bake more.

Cakes. Duh.

  • I want to do a little more sport.

i.e. run to catch the train instead of giving up when it arrives on the platform.

  • I want to watch more classic films and watch more documentaries.

In the grand scheme of things, this one will probably be more beneficial to me, due to my new found understanding of pop culture in the 80s, which will mean that Buzzfeed will become more ‘relatable’.

  • I want to love a coffee shop so much that I go so frequently I instantly become best friends with the owner, they know me on a first-name basis, and that they give me discounted cakes.

Somewhere other than Greggs lol

  • I want to buy new glasses so I don’t look like an IT support man.

Maybe vamp it up a little; go for the edgy-bearded-hipster vibe.

  • I want to be able to keep my plants alive for a month.

This is incredibly ignorant of me, but when I initially bought 5 cacti I didn’t realise that I needed to water them as much as I do (or should do).

  • I want to be able to continue writing on this website without creating uninspired and repeatedly boring content.

Which is slightly ironic, due to the fact that I have 6 (or something) categories that I centre each blog post on. #originality

  • I want to be able to sing.

Yep. Never going to happen.

Here’s to another year of embarrassing moments which I will no doubt look back on in a state of cringy, fml madness.

Best wishes,


Funky, Fake and Fairly Standard FAQs

It’s been a year since I have started this pretty average blog, and so I have gathered all the FAQs mentioned or shoved down my throat over the past 12 months and answered them for you :)))

What is this?

A blog.

I think.


Who are you?

A fifteen-year-old girl, although you should know this considering you have read the ‘About Me’ page. I mean, you have read it. Haven’t you?


When do you post?

Usually on Fridays, but this changes depending on whether I have successfully procrastinated writing an article or not.

But usually on Fridays.


Why did you start blogging?

For the free stuff.

Only joking. What free stuff?


You’re so relatable omg!

That is not a question.


Do you have the social media?



What are your social media accounts?



Who did you really base your fake boyfriend on?

I won’t ever tell you

Although, I suppose you can email me if you are really that concerned. I am sure a 4am me would be more than happy to tell you the real story.


Do you take blog post requests?

Yes, but I may or may not decide to write about your desired topic if I feel like it’s too personal, gross etc.


How do I follow you?

If you look me up on Facebook, search for me and find out where I live; you’re probably on the right lines.

But if you mean on WordPress, you can sign up via email or by WordPress account if you want to get annoying pings every few months.

Or you can find me on Twitter and get my updates (plus added extra plus plus bonus funny stuff)


Do you have children?



Are you single?



Do you actually look like you are on drugs?

Well now that mocks are over, the look has somewhat progressed to a more recovering-alcoholic kinda vibe. It’s going well. 2 days clean.


Favourite quote?

“Grab her by the pus-” (only joking) (#pray4america)

It’s probably these fine words by Henry Fielding

– ‘love and scandals are the best sweeteners of tea’


Did you make up most of these questions?

Well, thanks for making it awkward.


Have a great week :)))


Best wishes,


twitter – @sofiamackeith
insta – @sofiamackeith


My Olympic Gold Medal – at being a fatass

Widly televised, the holy sports event that is the Olympics has come around again. Woohoo! Yet, for me, this means that instead of getting inspired and joining my local gym or swimming team, I have perfected the art of laziness.

When the games start, athletes from all over the world compete to have the chance to grasp a prestigious gold medal; a prize that makes up for the individual’s life commitment to the sport, a prize that shows just a glimpse of the hard work needed to even qualify.

For all, the Olympics is a chance to cheer on your Country, to scream at the television, to make dodgy remarks about the other teams. For most, the Olympics is special and holds so much significance in the sporting world. However, for a few, the Olympics is the ending of a long and tedious four years of training, endurance and perseverance.

Now, I’m no Olympian, you only have to take one look at me to figure that out, but the past few years have been a test for me. Every week for four years now, I have sat on my sofa with the gruelling task of watching anything that is being shown on my TV. From decent programmes to garbage ones, I have been training to sit in front of that screen watching shows for hours on end.

My Training:


First of all the environment has to be right. The cushions, the lighting, the snacks, everything, has to be spot on. There should be no getting up. Personally, I need a blanket, no lights and my snacks etc are placed on a stool in front of me.

(For those of you wondering, toilet breaks have to wait, which is why there should be little liquid consumption.)


Now, for my diet, anything works. Whatever you enjoy and is unbelievably calorific is a thumbs up (not necessarily a thumbs up from a nutritionist).

Home Life

Sadly my training has had a negative impact on home life. My mother is, to this second, texting my friends on my behalf to arrange some sort of play date. No thanks. She also does not appreciate my efforts and has become increasingly angry towards me. It’s safe to say that my Victoria’s Secret bra has given me more support than my family, which is a shame yet not the end of the world as at least I have my money’s worth.

So what does all of this account for I hear you ask? Heart disease, high blood pressure and death are all high up on the list. But also up there is the Olympics.

I get very invested in the games; it is the only time that I will sit down and watch any form of sport, something that my friends and family don’t do with me. This means that instead of going outside (I admittedly don’t see other humans often) I stay inside, and glue myself to the sofa until I force myself to go to bed at 4 o’clock in the morning to have a good rest for tomorrow’s events. I think that I should win a medal.

So, next time they play a video on getting involved and taking part in sports, I will be scoffing my mouth full of crisps/ silently crying and doing the total opposite; supporting team GB from the other side of the world and getting fat.

*side note: I have actually signed up to my local boxing club, with sessions starting in September. My TV better watch out for Tokyo 2020! 

Best wishes,


Insecurity and Popularity Problems

There are seven wonders of the world; the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse at Alexandria.
However there is one wonder thought to be even more wondrous than those listed, yet it never received a mention and that is; “popular” people.

“Who are these people?”, I hear you ask. Well popular, by definition means: “liked or admired by many people or by a particular person or group”. Although I think that this needs altering. Massively.

You see, there are people at my school that are classified by almost everyone as “popular”; yet no one knows how this came about, and it seems to be that the whole school knows who they are, whatever year they are in.

Was there some sort of meeting between them? When did they decide to wear matching clothes and look exactly like each other? It’s all so mystical.

To be honest it’s not like the constant cloning makes them anymore liked; putting it nicely, it ridicules them.

I actually find it hilarious walking into school and seeing a group of squawking teenagers with their long brown/blonde hair scrunched up into the tightest top knot known to man, faces dripping with orange make up and wearing a skirt verging on belt. It’s embarrassing.

This is not the only reason why people don’t get along with them.

I personally think that it is hard to hold an actual conversation with one of them, and, in all honesty, I feel like sometimes they need to be seen and not heard (unless you like to want to know about pubic hair and genital problems on a Monday morning) (I know I don’t).

It’s also hard to hold a conversation with one of them when their only interests are a) partying, b) drinking c) smoking and d) being too hot to speak to anyone. I just don’t understand it. Why do you live your life to get wasted every Friday night after school? You’re fifteen for goodness sake!

Not only this but I also get the feeling that whenever I talk to/have an encounter with them they totally judge what I say, the things I do, and the things I wear. It’s awful.

Yet here’s the strange thing, I don’t care if other people judge me, make fun out of me, whatever. However, when it comes from that group of “popular” people, I feel like it does matter, when it shouldn’t.

Additionally, I feel like they get a kick out of laughing and pointing out people’s flaws for the sake of their own amusement. I said this before, but even though it shouldn’t matter, it still does. They are society royalty. Their opinion determines the people that like you, the clubs you enter, the list is endless.

It’s hard to put into context the way that girls like me feel day in and day out. Personally, I would say that it’s like walking down a street, however everywhere you look there is a very attractive, slim person staring at you, laughing with their friends, pointing at you. Except, this isn’t just a one time occurrence; it happens wherever you walk, and no matter how hard you try, the sniggering, the constant staring, won’t go away. You begin to doubt the way you look, every little insecurity is now in the open, and you are ten times more self conscious that you had been previously.

How unconfident are you going to feel? Answer: very. Yet this is something that occurs more often than it should, and, has major recuperations.

So how are they “popular”? They are clearly not liked, that’s for sure. I think what makes them so great, I suppose, is the fact that they talk to all of the good looking boys (#prayforsofia), they are all skinny, pretty and have a good following on social media (because that’s what everyone should really aim towards). So this is why, I think, they are classified as “popular”.

It’s actually pretty funny; the older generation don’t really understand “cliques” and different social groups; why we probably judge ourselves more that our peers do. I can actually answer this; we can’t help ourselves. It can take days, months, years for someone to start feel comfortable in their body, and it can take one person to turn round, point and laugh at your stomach, thighs, legs, for all of your confidence to shatter into tiny pieces. This also doesn’t help with the constant comparisons between certain people, in particular; celebrities. The constant reminder that having plastic surgery and using photoshop is okay, and, quite frankly, normal.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against surgery, tattoos and photoshop if that is what makes you happy. But what I do not understand is why people feel the need to be embarrassed about their appearance, and be so embarrassed that they are willing to permanently alter it in some way. Even though I can understand; there have been days where I’ve really wanted to get rid of my nose and go Kim Kardashian style; but in reality I think I’m happy with what I have; all of my features, big and small, make up me, my personality and have been there since I was small.

Everyone is perfect the way that they are, regardless of weight and body size; everyone is different. Don’t be a clone, you may be content, but at the end of the day you’re cheating yourself.

Just remember: don’t let anyone laugh at you in a mean and spiteful way and get away with it.

Best wishes,